Book Review | Crescent City #2 by Sarah J. Maas

Monday, January 23, 2023

Summary: Bryce Quinlan and Hunt Athalar are trying to get back to normal-they may have saved Crescent City, but with so much upheaval in their lives lately, they mostly want a chance to relax. Slow down. Figure out what the future holds. The Asteri have kept their word so far, leaving Bryce and Hunt alone. But with the rebels chipping away at the Asteri’s power, the threat the rulers pose is growing. As Bryce, Hunt, and their friends get pulled into the rebels’ plans, the choice becomes clear: stay silent while others are oppressed, or fight for what’s right. And they’ve never been very good at staying silent.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

My Thoughts: Y’all, this series is going to kill me. I reviewed book 1 recently, and dove right into book 2. The build up in this book is insane, because the ending…I was shocked. My jawed literally dropped. I don’t know how I am going to wait for the next book to be released. I’m also not sure my heart can handle the rest of this series.

I was shocked and elated at the Fae Bryce met at the end of the book. SERIOUSLY. I don’t want to give away spoilers, but holy heck that made me SO excited for the next book. What happened to Hunt at the end broke my heart. After everything he has done and been through, everything him and Bryce went through…ugh.

I figured out who Agent Daybright was almost immediately, and honestly I am happy that I was right. I totally think her and Ruhn should be together.

The main thing I did not like about this is that I was expecting an epic fantasy with a little romance, like the first book. This one was definitely a romance book with a little fantasy in it. I can’t even count the number of unnecessary sex scenes in this book. One for Hunt and Bryce would have been more than enough. Honestly, this book made their relationship seem liked it was only about sex until near the end. That kind of annoyed me.

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