(Audio)Book Review | Legacy by Nora Roberts

Wednesday, January 25, 2023


Summary: Adrian Rizzo was seven when she met her father for the first time. That was the day he nearly killed her — before her mother, Lina, stepped in. Soon after, Adrian was dropped off at her grandparents’ house in Maryland, where she spent a long summer drinking lemonade, playing with dogs, making a new best friend — and developing the stirrings of a crush on her friend’s 10-year-old brother.

Lina, meanwhile, traveled the country promoting her fitness brand and turning it into a billion-dollar business. There was no point in dwelling on the past. A decade later, Adrian has created her own line of yoga and workout videos, following in Lina’s footsteps but intent on maintaining creative control. And she’s just as cool-headed and ambitious as her mother. They aren’t close, but they’re cordial — as long as neither crosses the other.

But while Lina dismisses the death threats that Adrian starts getting as a routine part of her daughter’s growing celebrity, Adrian can’t help but find the vicious rhymes unsettling. Year after year, they keep arriving — the postmarks changing, but the menacing tone the same. They continue after she returns to Maryland and becomes reacquainted with Raylan, her childhood crush, all grown up and as gorgeously green-eyed as ever. Sometimes it even seems like the terrifying messages are indeed routine, like nothing will come of them. Until the murders start, and the escalation begins…

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

My Thoughts: I listened to this book and I really enjoyed the narrator. Her voice was nice to listen to, and she changed her voice for each of the characters.

I liked that this was about family, romance, but also had a murder/mystery thrown in there. It kept me intrigued and I liked learning about all of the characters. I found Adrian to be slightly annoying and pushy with her workouts. I liked that it was her job and she made the videos, but she was too pushy with her friends and family, which I did not like. Raylan was my favorite character by far. His love for his family and friends shone through in everything he did. He wasn’t afraid to show how much he cared. And, he was such a good father to his children. He triumphed even through tragedy and grief.
I liked the murder/mystery aspect. I sort of figured out who was behind it before it was revealed, but it was still interesting and I liked reading about why the killer was killing these women.

Overall, a great book to listen to on audio!

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