Book Review | Five Survive by Holly Jackson

Monday, November 7, 2022

*I received a free ARC from Netgalley — all opinions are my own*

Summary: Red Kenny is on a road trip for spring break with five friends: Her best friend — the older brother — his perfect girlfriend — a secret crush — a classmate — and a killer. When their RV breaks down in the middle of nowhere with no cell service, they soon realize this is no accident. They have been trapped by someone out there in the dark, someone who clearly wants one of them dead. With eight hours until dawn, the six friends must escape, or figure out which of them is the target. But is there a liar among them? Buried secrets will be forced to light and tensions inside the RV will reach deadly levels. Not all of them will survive the night. . . .

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

My Thoughts: I really like the author’s other series, A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder, so when I saw she had a new book coming out that wasn’t part of the series, I was excited to read it.

This book was good. There were so many twists and secrets, I honestly didn’t know who the bad guy really was. The tension in the RV was insane. I really thought more people would die by the end of the book.

I also like who the bad guy ended up being, honestly very unexpected for me. And, the letter at the end was so good. I almost cried.

Definitely recommend if you are a fan of her other books.

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