Book Review | Acts of Violet by Margarita Montimore

Thursday, November 10, 2022

Summary: Nearly a decade ago, iconic magician Violet Volk performed her greatest trick yet: vanishing mid-act. While Violet sought out the spotlight, her sister Sasha, had to be the responsible one. But Sasha can never seem to escape her sister’s tumultuous orbit.

Then there’s Cameron Frank, determined to finally get his big break hosting a podcast devoted to all things Violet―though keeping his job hinges on an exclusive interview with Sasha, the last person who wants to talk to him.

As the ten-year anniversary approaches, the podcast picks up steam, and Cameron’s pursuit of Sasha becomes increasingly intrusive. Meanwhile, Sasha begins to experience an unsettling series of sleepwalking episodes and coincidences, which all lead back to Violet. Pushed to her emotional limits, Sasha must finally confront the most painful truths about her sister, and herself, even at the risk of losing everything.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐1/2

My Thoughts: I really like how this book was written. It alternates between Cameron’s podcast, Sasha’s day to day life, letters written to/from Violet, and articles written about Violet. It was a neat way to read this and try to unravel the mystery of Violet.

Quinn was probably my favorite character, even though she isn’t really a main character. I like how brutally honest she was and she wasn’t afraid to be herself. I found Sasha to be a bit annoying. I don’t even understand why she was so dead set on not sharing stuff about Violet.

This was a really good book. I loved the mystery aspect and trying to figure things out. But, the ending ruined it for me. What we find out about what happened to Violet…just, I don’t know. It was awful. I would have taken almost anything else than what the author wrote.

I still recommend reading this, though, because up until the ending it was great.

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