Book Review | Now Entering Addamsville by Francesca Zappia

Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Summary: When someone burns down the home of the school janitor and he dies in the blaze, everyone in Addamsville, Indiana, points a finger at Zora. Never mind that Zora has been on the straight and narrow since her father was thrown in jail. With everyone looking for evidence against her, her only choice is to uncover the identity of the real killer. There’s one big problem-Zora has no leads. No one does.

Addamsville has a history of tragedy, and thirty years ago a similar string of fires left several townspeople dead. The arsonist was never caught. Now, Zora must team up with her cousin Artemis-an annoying self-proclaimed Addamsville historian-to clear her name. But with a popular ghost-hunting television show riling up the townspeople, almost no support from her family and friends, and rumors spinning out of control, things aren’t looking good. Zora will have to read between the lines of Addamsville’s ghost stories before she becomes one herself.

Rating: 4

My Thoughts: This was a super fun read. I wouldn’t say it’s really scary or haunting, but it does involve ghosts and demons.

Zora is a fun character and I like seeing how she handles everything throughout the book. I actually like almost all of the characters.

I sort of wish we could learn more about Bach, or have a 2nd book with him and Zora so we can know more. His history is intriguing.

Overall, a quick & fun read!

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